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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


My child isn’t potty trained, can they still attend Pippins?

Yes, we have nappy changing facilities and when they are ready will work with your child on toileting. Please can you provide nappies and wipes for your child in their bag for each session.


Can my child bring toys?

Initially your child may need to bring a comforter when starting Pippins, we fully support this and realise that they are often integral to how quickly the children settle into Pippins. We often find that these are quickly left to one side, which is when we encourage the children to put them into their bags to keep them safe. We generally discourage bringing in other items from home (unless it is your child’s turn with the Marvellous Me box), for the reason that the children can get upset if their special items are lost, broken or picked up by another child. 

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